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These websites have a great deal of information about the Guardianship process and alternatives to Guardianship.  If you are considering seeking guardianship, I recommend you watch the Instructions for Guardians video and take the free 2 hour online class required for Guardians.  


Guardianship Video- “Instructions for Guardians”

A 13-minute video explaining the responsibilities of a legal guardian in Washington Courts.

Lay Guardian Training

This is a free training required for lay guardians seeking to be appointed by the Court.  The training takes 2 hours and you may complete it in segments over many sessions.  If you are considering guardianship, take the training and print out your certificate for full guardianship of the estate and person.  

Washington State Courts - Guardian Portal

Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council

Explains process of Guardianship in Washington


Washington Courts

Explains Guardianship and Alternatives


The ARC of Washington

Frequently Asked Questions about Guardianship


Handbook for Washington Seniors

Excellent reference manual on all aspects of estate planning, guardianship, and more.  A helpful reference for seniors and anyone who wants to plan for the future.


Kitsap County Parent Coalition

KCPC provides information, resources, training, advocacy, and support for families caring for children and individuals who have developmental disabilities and live in Kitsap County.


The ABLE National Resource Center

ABLE accounts were created in 2014 and allow some disabled individuals to save over $2000 (up to $100,000) without disqualifying the person for SSI and Medicaid.  Website contains information about ABLE accounts available in each state and the ABLE program generally.  Many webinars are available for free.

Washington's ABLE Program

ABLE Account Plan Rules- WA Plan

Social Security Administration (SSA) Guidance on ABLE 

This document provides information on how funds in an ABLE account may interact with Social Security benefits (specifically Supplemental Security Income (SSI))

ABLE Accounts Compared to Special Needs Trusts

This document provides a comparison of the advantages and limitations of ABLE accounts and Special Needs Trusts.

What You Need to Know About SSI When Turning 18

Article from that outlines qualifications at age 18 under adult disability rules, the Student Earned Income Exception (SEIE),  ABLE accounts, and other opportunities.

Student Earned Income Exception (SEIE) Fact Sheet

Social security program for disabled students under the age of 22 that permits earnings of up to $1870/ month and $7550 per year without reducing SSI payments.


King County Law Library- Probate Information

IRS Publication for Survivors, Personal Representatives

Publication 559 is designed to help those in charge (personal representatives) of the property (estate) of an individual who has died (decedent). It shows them how to complete and file federal income tax returns and explains their responsibility to pay any taxes due on behalf of the decedent.


Seniors and disabled individuals may qualify for reduced property taxes. The Assessor's Office has information on income limits for the program. Those making under $48,574 are eligible for reduction. 

Senior and Disabled Exemption Changes 2020 (


Washington State Community Living Connection

Learn about services and supports in your community for older adults, person with disabilities, caregivers, and persons with Alzheimer's and dementia.


AARP Fraud Watch Network

AARP provides access to information about identity theft, investment fraud, and the latest scams. 

What to Know about Credit Freezes and Fraud Holds

Federal Trade Commission's website that explains about how to freeze credit, place a fraud hold, and more. 

What To Know About Credit Freezes and Fraud Alerts | FTC Consumer Information

How to Limit Unwanted Calls and Emails

Federal Trade Commission's Website about how to limit junk mail, unwanted phone calls, and spam email. 

Limiting Unwanted Calls & Emails | FTC Consumer Information

True Link VISA Card

Excellent tool to prevent exploitation and allow for independence. A pre-paid VISA card that is customizable for each family situation.  Read more about how the card can be used and it's customizable settings and alerts for caregivers.



Handbook for Washington Seniors by Legal Voice

Excellent discussion about estate planning, medical coverage, and more

End of Life Washington

Information about the Washington Death with Dignity Act.


Senior Veteran's Service Alliance

This organization can assist with veteran benefits information and application.

Washington State Community Living Connection

Learn about services and supports in your community for older adults, person with disabilities, caregivers, and persons with Alzheimer's and dementia.

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